Yes its true, your new computer comes with speech recognition out of the box. With that said, you are probably asking yourself the same two questions I did… “Why would I go spend money on a speech recognition program?” and “How does Windows 7 Speech Recognition hold up against a program like Dragon Naturally Speaking?” I have actually done extensive research on this type and speak topic. So, let’s put them in the boxing ring and let them duke it out!

Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself!

As a parent of 2 young boys, I find myself constantly saying theType and Speak | Yell at Windows same things over and over. I don’t want to have to do this with my computer also! Type and speak with Windows 7 Speech Recognition is awesome for one reason… I already have it. It does a fairly good job at understanding any of the limited commands that it knows (as far as controlling my computer) but when it comes to dictation, it is a little sloppy and requires a lot of training. After hours of tweaking audio settings and training exercises, it still had trouble writing a full paragraph without stumbling over my words. I honestly felt like telling my computer “Don’t make me come over there!” as I do with my kids.

Type and speak to your computer the easy way! Dragon Naturally Speaking is 99% accurate without any training. Right out of the box you’ll get a program that understands your commands and dictation. Type and speak with Dragon Naturally Speaking is more like having a grown-up conversation. Of course, training your voice is still a good idea. With very little practice, you can keep your hands completely off the keyboard and mouse.

No Computer? Pen out of Ink? No Notepad? No Problem!

Shackles | Type and SpeakType and speak with Dragon Naturally Speaking lets you break free from the shackle that keeps you at your desk… your computer! Using a voice recorder from the compatible hardware list, you can leave your desk and type and speak on your lounge chair, in your car, or at the table while you have your morning coffee. For someone like me, this is an incredible feature! A feature (if I may add) that Windows 7 Speech Recognition lacks.

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